This past week I was conducting a little electronic housecleaning. Between my personal, ministerial and church business email accounts I had over 15,000 unread emails.

Most of them I deemed irrelevant. I did not even have enough interest to open them up and read the content before I simply deleted them.

Is it possible that I missed something of great importance? Was there an offer extended that would make my life better? Was there something that I should have kept on record, proof of a payment or documentation that I will need to reference sometime in the future?

If so, it is too late I have already emptied the trash.

I am sure that I am not the only one who is inundated with electronic messages that are ignored. Have you ever considered why you are receiving those emails in the first place?

Most likely you had some reason to give your email out. Maybe it was a product you purchased or some other related business transaction. Perhaps you signed up to get email notifications from an organization that at one time in your past you were interested in what they had to say or offer. But now they are nothing more than electronic noise that you ignore.

Is it possible that God is sending you messages each and every day that you are ignoring? Was there a time in your life that you were not just interested in what God had to say to you, but anxious to hear from Him? But after awhile you lost interest, became distracted, and have failed to open up the messages that God is sending.

Unlike those unread emails, I am confident that God has something important and beneficial to offer to you. Will you stop, whatever it is that seems to be of great importance, for just a moment and take the time to open up God’s word and read what He has to say to you?!

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