That Which Unites Us

If you are paying any attention to the news lately you would notice how divided we are as a nation. And while it is more pronounced now than in the past, it is nothing new.

As a people, we have always had an “us vs them” attitude. And it is not just a matter of having a different perspective that we would like to debate. Many see those who do not share their point of view as the enemy. Someone who has malicious intent to destroy our way of life. And while I am quite burdened by the condition of our nation and how we seem to be incapable of compromise, I am even more concerned about the state of the Christian community.

It is unfortunate, but it would seem that many believers who choose to express their faith in Christ along some denominational lines have a tendency to be critical  of other denominations. Rather than focusing on what we have in common, a belief in Jesus as our Lord and Savior, we concentrate on the things on which we disagree. The list of those things we disagree on could include any number of doctrinal issues that one group believes to be central to their faith. For those who embrace a different view we like to assign labels to designate them as liberal or fundamental. And it is not just a case of how we view those of different denominations but also within our own denomination.

As much as we claim to be a group of cooperating churches, the unfortunate reality is that many see our sister churches as competition. Rather than celebrating their progress in reaching others for Christ, we are jealous. Individual members of the local church are busy inviting their Christian friends who are committed to a local fellowship to visit their church. I have in the past had members of the church I pastor tell me to go visit someone who would make a good church member. What makes them a prospect for our church is some problem or crisis in their present church. And while there may be a legitimate reason someone would consider leaving one church or denomination for another, it is not cause for celebration.

As followers of Christ we should be united in our efforts to defeat the enemy, not each other. We are in this together and as such should lift up in prayer all churches and denominations that hold to the foundational belief in Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior. The work is too important to allow petty differences and ego to hinder us from our assigned task of leading others to faith in Christ.

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