No Such Thing as Free!

In recent years I have become more aware of an attitude that seems to be gaining popularity in our culture. There are people who believe that you can get something for free. They have been calling on government to give us free medical care, food, housing and now some are asking for free gas. What they are really asking for is free for me stuff. For everything that they are demanding they get for free, someone must pay to supply. The question is who pays? One of the things that I have noticed is how people take care of that which they consider to be free. In many cases, they neglect the item or service. Often times they develop an entitlement attitude: Believing society somehow owes them these things they want for free.

In the Christian community, we tell people to receive the free gift of salvation. Well, salvation is not free. Jesus paid a tremendous price for our ability to call upon Him as Lord of our life and receive this promise of salvation. It is unfortunate, but I have noticed how many in the Christian community take their salvation for granted; neglecting what God has given them by refusing to participate in kingdom work. As it filters down to the local church, there are many who want all the benefits of church membership, but are unwilling to accept responsibility for serving the Lord through the local church. Rather than consider the negative, I would like for us to imagine for a moment what the church would be like if everyone, out of appreciation for the salvation purchased for them by the blood of Christ, fully participated in the ministry of the church. We would be like the first century church that was finding favor with the people and the Lord was adding to their numbers each day.

God Bless,


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